Enterprise Class Business Telephones

Advanced. Easy-to-Use. Affordable.

We continually test and evaluate new phones and new technologies as they become available to bring our clients the highest performance devices that are also the best value. Our testing group evaluates phones in the lab and in live offices so that you get the best price/performance business telephones available.

Our Phones

Here are best-in-class phones that work seamlessly with our systems to give you high performance and a wide range of features, all at a budget-sensitive price.


A leader VoIP phone design and development, Yealink consistently produces phones that are highly rated and award winning, including the 2014 Internet Telephony Product of the Year and the 2014 ITEXPO Best of Show.


The world’s #1 manufacturer of cordless phones, VTech has been making cutting edge phones for more than 25 years.  And they stand behind their products with an industry-leading 3-year warranty.

Their ErisTerminal® phones all include DECT RF, so any desktop or base station can support wireless handsets or the VSP608 wireless desktop.

Our Phones

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