The Best Business Telephone System Possible

Full-Featured. Cost-Effective. Always Improving

DSXVOICE is the phone system we designed for our own business: a comprehensive set of intelligent features that increase productivity and is also highly cost-effective. We evaluate technologies, features and functions on a continuing basis, implementing the best-in- class and constantly improve your service.

DSXVOICE offers two service platforms:

Business & Industry – if you use your phone system for standard business operations like sales, accounting and service, this platform provides a wide variety of powerful features for your business communications.

Specialized – if you are running a sophisticated call center or need to integrate with 3rd party applications, this platform provides the special features you need.



General Features General Business Applications Call Centers & Special Applications
Call Logging X X
Call Reporting X X
Blind Call Transfer X X
Attended Call Transfer X X
Call Forward on Busy or No Answer X X
Call Routing by DID X X
Call Routing by Caller ID X X
Conference Rooms X X
Auto Attendant / Digital Receptionist X X
Record New Voice Prompts From Phone X X
Voicemail X X
Music on Hold / Playlist X X
Central Phonebook X X
Call by Name X X
Different Prompts for Holidays X X
Call Parking X X
Call Pickup X X
Call Queuing X X
Call Recording X X
Call Recording Management X X
Automatic Pickup on Busy X X
Extensive Codec Support (G711, G722, GSM, Speex, ILBC, G729) X X
MWI – Message Waiting Indicator X X
Real Time BLF Status Updates X X
Intercom / Paging X X
Ring Extension and Mobile Simultaneously X X
Send Email Notifications for Missed Calls X X
Management Business & Industry Specialized
Web-based Extension Management X X
Automated Provisioning of SIP Devices X X
Real Time System Status X X
SBC Support X X
Disable an Extension Temporarily X X
Unified Communications Business & Industry Specialized
See Presence of Colleagues X X
Receive Voice Mail via Email X X
Set Up Conference Calls X X
Advanced Forwarding Rules Based on Caller ID, Time & Type of Call X X
Send / Receive Faxes via Email X X
Web Conferencing Business & Industry Specialized
Plugin Free – WebRTC X X
One-click Conference X X
Meeting Recording X X
Remote Control Assistance X X
Screen Sharing X X
Participants Included 10 25
Mobility / Softphone Business & Industry Specialized
Softphone Client for Windows, OSX, Android, IOS X X
CTI Support Using Softphone X X
Seamlessly Create Conference Calls X X
Users Can Configure Their Own Extensions X X
Make and Receive Calls X X
Transfer Calls / Place Calls on Hold / Record Calls X X
Caller ID X X
Call History X X
Divert Calls to Voice Mail X X
Extensions Presence / Status X X
Manage Forwarding Rules X X
Queue Monitoring (Windows Client Only)   X
3rd Party Integration Business & Industry Specialized
Microsoft Outlook X X
Office 365 (address book only) X X
Office 365   X
Salesforce   X
Microsoft Dynamics   X
Microsoft Exchange 2013 / LDAP / ODBC   X
SugarCRM   X
Google Contacts   X
Exact   X
Zendesk   X
Freshdesk   X
act!   X
Datev   X
Call Center Business & Industry Specialized
Ring / Hunt Groups   X
Advanced Call Reporting   X
Real Time Queue Statistics   X
Queue Reports   X
Query Customer Name Based on Caller ID   X
Ability to Use 3CX Client APIs   X
Link Company Directory with LDAP / ODBC   X
Sync Phonebook with Microsoft Exchange   X
Real Time Queue Monitoring   X
Switchboard Queue Manager View   X
Call Recordings Search   X
Supports External Agents   X
Callback if Queue Full   X
CRM Integration / Scripting Interface   X
Review Number of Callers in a Queue   X
Supervisor Log Agents In and Out of Queues   X
Advanced Agent Statistics   X
Time an Agent Logged In/Out of the Queue   X
Review the Number of Answered/Unanswered Calls   X
Average and Longest Wait Time and More   X
Wallboard   X
Allow your Customers to Hang Up and Retain their Position in the Queue   X
The Customer is Called Back When an Agent Becomes Available   X
Call Back Notification Emails are Sent to the Supervisor   X
Round Robin Queue   X
Longest Waiting Queue   X
Least Talk Time Queue   X
Fewest Answered Queue   X
Hunt By Threes – Random Queue   X
Hunt By Threes – Prioritized Queue   X
SLA Alerts / Reporting   X
Listen In / Whisper / Barge in   X

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